Energy Division

A Division of the Kansas Corporation Commission, funded through the federal State Energy Program (SEP).
Facilities Conservation Improvement Program

Energy Savings Performance Contracting for Kansas Public Buildings

The Facility Conservation Improvement Program (FCIP) promotes and facilitates energy-saving projects in public buildings, such as schools, city offices, courthouses, and other facilities. Established by the State in 2000, the FCIP helps local governments, school districts, universities, hospitals, and others implement energy-efficiency and deferred-maintenance projects-with no upfront capital expenditures.

This longstanding State program uses an innovative approach known as Energy Savings Performance Contracting (ESPC) to improve public facilities. ESPC offers a budget-neutral way to make energy-efficiency and deferred maintenance improvements—and then repay all project costs with the money saved on energy and O&M costs.

To make it easy for public officials to access the benefits of performance contracting, the Energy Division has established partnerships with 13 private-sector Energy Service Companies (ESCOs). These ESCOs provide turn-key project management and a guarantee that energy and O&M savings will cover all project costs.

Two pie charts illustrate how the energy and maintenance savings cover the costs of improvements in the FCIP. The first pie chart shows the energy and maintenance costs before the energy-saving improvements are implemented: energy makes up about three-fourths of the costs, with maintenance accounting for the remaining one-fourth of the costs. The second chart shows that, after the improvements are implemented, the energy costs are reduced to one-half of the total and maintenance costs are reduced to about one-eighth of the pie; the remaining portion - more than one-fourth of the pie - represents the amount saved by the energy-savings improvements, which is used to repay the cost of the improvements.

Streamlined Procurement: No RFPs, No Bids.

FCIP's streamlined procurement process means there's no need to issue Requests for Proposals (RFPs). The program also saves time by freeing customers from having to develop specifications, write contracts, or hire outside consultants and engineers.

FCIP staff assists customers and advocates on their behalf every step of the way. The oversight provided by our experienced FCIP team ensures that customers fully understand all aspects of their project and the ESCO's guarantee of savings.

Identified nationally as a best practice, the FCIP lets busy public officials focus on their core mission, instead of complicated government procurement requirements.

FCIP is funded through customer fees, and uses no State funds. Fees are based on overall project cost and range from 4% on the smallest projects to just over 0.5% on very large projects. Fees can be included in total project financing. If customers do not sign a performance contract, no fees are charged.

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