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Filename Permit Date Sec Twp Rng E/W Dist Num County License Company
K_102414_Abell_Ranch_1_32.pdf 10/24/2014 32 12 30 W 4 GOVE 34888 American Oil LLC
K_102414_Lundgren_B_1_36.pdf 10/24/2014 36 14 30 W 4 GOVE 30606 Murfin Drilling Co., Inc.
K_102214_L_J_Hartman_1.pdf 10/22/2014 14 11 29 W 4 GOVE 5046 Raymond Oil Company, Inc.
K_102014_Leighton_1_35.pdf 10/20/2014 35 13 27 W 4 GOVE 3062 Questa Energy Corporation
K_101514_Lewis_1.pdf 10/15/2014 7 13 29 W 4 GOVE 9090 Charter Energy, Inc.
K_101514_Lundgren_A_1_36.pdf 10/15/2014 36 14 30 W 4 GOVE 30606 Murfin Drilling Co., Inc.