Oil & Gas Conservation Division Forms

KOLAR (Kansas On-Line Automated Reporting) Forms indicated by a KOLAR icon must be reported through the KOLAR on-line reporting system. PDF fill-in-forms are available for Residential Operator use only.

General Information

General Administrative

Well Permitting

Well Completion Reports and Other Well Applications

Surface Pits and Waste Transfer

Well Plugging Report

Oil & Gas Well Testing Report

Gas Gathering Report

Gas Gathering Report GG-1 -- Effective Quarter Ending March 31, 2008 (pdf fill-in form)
Gas Gathering Segment Report GG-1a -- Effective Quarter Ending March 31, 2008 (pdf fill-in form)

Oil and Gas Producer's Report

Summary of Oil Producers Report CO-8, CO-8A
Gas Producer Monthly Report CG-7, CG-7A (pdf fill-in form)

Acreage Attribution and Well Spacing Report

New Pool and Certificate of Enhancement Projects (Severance Tax Exemptions) Request

Underground Injection Control Report

Wireline Service